Saffron Dance is the best part of my week, my month, my year! -Judy

Saffron Dance Company is your source for quality Middle Eastern dance entertainment in the Washington DC area.  Composed of a diverse range of award-winning and internationally recognized dancers, Saffron Dance Company offers beautifully dazzling performances guaranteed to enhance any event, from weddings* to cultural festivals, corporate events to bat mitzvahs, and so much more.  

The SDC repertoire includes:

  • Modern Oriental Dance/Raqs Sharqi
  • Middle Eastern folkloric dances
  • Bollywood
  • And more! 

Props include shamadan (candelabra), Isis wings, fan veils, silk veils, zills/sagat (finger cymbals), assaya (cane), and more.   



Support the Shimmy!

Saffron Dance Company is a 501(c)3 nonprofit arts organization. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to help us continue to share the beauty of Middle Eastern dance! 


Saffron Dance Company Promo Reel

Want live music? Saffron Dance Company works with local Middle Eastern musicians to provide top-notch musical entertainment.  

*Planning a zeffa for your wedding?  Saffron Dance Company can provide both dancers and musicians to make your entrance extra special.

Company Dancers
Elena Faye
Jenna Shear

Contact us to inquire about pricing and availability for your event!  

Email for booking inquiries.