Saffron is my guilty pleasure, escape from the craziness of life and my sanctuary. -Sarah


Dance has been an integral part of Andrea’s life for as long as she can remember.  Though she’s enjoyed many dance styles, including modern, jazz, ballroom and salsa, when she discovered belly dance, she knew she had truly found her passion! 

Andrea has been teaching at Saffron Dance since the studio opened in 2007. She was the founding director and choreographer of Saffron’s Beledi Student Company and former director and choreographer for Saffron’s Ayoub Student Company.

As an artist, Andrea endeavors to “help the audience hear the music better” through movement and the pieces she choreographs for her students.  When she dances, she feels complete joy and seeks to share that joy with the audience.

As an instructor, Andrea derives great pleasure helping students find this dance movement on their individual bodies.  One of the aspects she loves most about this dance form is its accessibility to a broad range of students, regardless of age, body type and background.  She views dance as a gift to be shared generously and delights in welcoming new students into Saffron’s vibrant and diverse community of wonderful dancers.

Andrea started her belly dance journey in 2000 with Autumn Leah Ward and Laurel Victoria Gray.  Once it became clear that belly dance would be a life-long pursuit, she began her advanced dance and teacher training with Saphira.  Andrea continues to develop her dance skills, including traveling around the US and beyond for dance and musical training with masters including Madame Raqia Hasan, Aida Nour, Khaled Mahmoud, Bozenka, Camelia of Cairo, Soraya Zayed, Mohamed Shahin, Jillina, Amar Gamal, Rachel Brice, Ansuya, Nourhan Sharif, Karim Nagi, Yousry Sharif, Issam Houshan, Victoria Teel and Saffron’s own Elena Faye.  Andrea has performed as a soloist as well as in numerous ensemble and dance company pieces throughout her dance career.