The art of belly dance & the community of amazing women have helped me grow and be inspired every day. -Nunah


A native Palestinian born in Damascus, Mona began dancing Dabkeh at family gatherings at age 13.  In 2008, she co-founded the California-based Zaytouna Dabkeh Troupe with a group of full-time professionals committed to preserving and sharing the rich & joyous Palestinian culture through Dabkeh.  Zaytouna won many prizes and continues to be actively involved in the community & local charity.  

Mona specializes in Palestinian Al-Shamaliyya Dabkeh, which is the most popular and familiar type of Dabkeh often performed at weddings, national holidays and happy family occasions.  Her classes and workshops are open for all, and she encourages men, women, and children to participate.

About Dabkeh:  A popular Arab folk dance known for its fancy footwork and fun, energetic style, Dabkeh is frequently performed at weddings and joyous occasions & is a must-know for any serious Middle Eastern dance student.