Thank you to all the instructors for changing my life in so many amazing ways. -Jade

50 Ways to Love Morocco

  • by Saphira
  • Jul 27, 2015

This April, Saffron Dance journeyed to Morocco to explore, dance, discover and unwind.  On behalf of the twenty-five dancers, spouses and faculty who joined us, I can collectively say that we returned with a newly discovered affection and curiosity for this magnificent country and region.  For most of us, this was our first trip to Morocco, a place that had been at the top of our collective bucket lists for quite some time.  From the camels to the cuisine, to the souks and scents of the medina, to the architecture and artisanship, we loved everything about our entire experience. 

Despite the amazing discoveries and beauty of each day, it is not in my nature to record these sorts of adventures while I am in the midst of living them. Instead, I tend to live in the present and then reflect upon my experiences later from a place of quiet and reflection.  So in that spirit, and after some time for recollection, I present a list of some of the most treasured and fond memories from our time in magical Morocco. If this whetts your appetite for adventure, I hope you'll join us this November for our next Raqs Retreat in Morocco. Personally, I can't wait to return. 

From my heart to your hips,