Belly dance rejuvenates my soul... I have such an inner peace and joy in my heart. -Kim
Name | Luisa
Occupation | Recreation Program Manager
Why belly dance?  I’ve worked in fitness for my entire adult life and have always enjoyed hard workouts and structured routines, but I always felt there was something missing. My creative side was longing for something more artistic and expressive…something that I could truly look forward to with excitement and anticipation. Additionally, I wanted to find a way to maintain fitness levels without worrying about injury or burning-out. When I discovered bellydance, I found the missing link and I became totally hooked. Not only was I able to work my body in a manner that benefited my health and fitness, but it also gave me the creative outlet I was looking for.
How long have you been at Saffron? 6 years
How did you find Saffron Dance, and what keeps you coming back? I was taking classes at a local community center but they were not very reliable or frequent. I needed something I could count on and that would work with my schedule. I found Saffron Dance through a Google search. I was immediately impressed with the class schedule and the variety of technique levels. After speaking with Saphira, the owner of the studio, I knew that I would find just the right class. What keeps me coming back is the
wonderful faculty and the friendly community of dancers I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Saffron Dance fosters an environment of friendship and creativity that 
makes you feel welcomed and uplifted. That’s what keeps me coming back!

What were your thoughts after your first class?  I was very impressed with the curriculum and the expertise of the teachers. I never once felt awkward or self-conscience because I could tell they were committed to helping me learn and improve. I knew I was in good hands and that I would eventually learn this very challenging but fun art form.

Can you speak a bit about your experience in Student Company and working closely with faculty and fellow dancers?  Joining a Student Company completely transformed my dance journey! I could finally “show off” the beautiful choreography and hard work. Being on stage and performing with my fellow company students is, by far, one of the most exhilarating and rewarding experiences of my life! But the rehearsals were the best part about being in a Student Company. You develop long-time friendships in a creative environment while having lots of fun.
Any other comments thoughts you'd like to add? If you have ever taken dance classes anywhere you will understand that learning technique is the most important aspect of any dance form. Learning the fundamentals allows you to execute moves more easily and progress to more advanced skill levels. Saffron Dance excels in teaching technique and skill while boosting self-confidence and body image. Everyone at Saffron feels beautiful and successful no matter who they are, from beginner to advanced.

How she inspires us | So many of our Saffronitas have been in our community for so long that we begin to think of them like family.  And sometimes, when someone has been in your life consistently for a long period of time, it can be difficult to take note of concrete changes and growth because we see them so frequently.  However, when we have a chance step away from seeing someone on a weekly basis and then reconnect later, we can truly see how much development has taken place!  This is precisely what happened with Luisa.  Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with Luisa pretty consistently.  Lately we haven't seen each other as regularly, as I am not teaching as often and she is working with the breadth of amazing artists we have at Saffron.  One evening, I peeked in to one of her rehearsals and watched her move.  I was struck by how the dance was moving through her SO fluidly; she was well on her way to the fluency that is sought after in this dance form.  I was thrilled to see such significant and measurable growth in her dance - the work she'd put in for so many years was clearly evident.  At that moment, I was not only one of her teachers but an admirer of beautiful movement on a beautiful woman with a beautiful spirit.  -Saphira