There is something very relaxing about meeting up with friends after a long day to dance your hearts out... -Stacey

Teacher Feature: Blair

  • by Elena Faye
  • Jun 08, 2017

As we move into summer, we are excited about the numerous changes taking place here in the studio.  One of those changes is the addition of a brand new SaffronFit faculty member, Blair!  She will be joining us as Zumba Fitness instructor, with her first class taking place Wednesday, June 14 at 5:30pm! 

Let's learn a bit about our newest team member...

First of all, why Zumba?  What do you love so much about the Zumba®  workout experience?  I absolutely love the party atmosphere and learning about music and dance styles from all around the world! It's a no judgement zone where perfection is not key nor expected, and people can just lose themselves in the music; driving physical, mental, and emotional health simultaneously.

How did you get into Zumba® ? What were your thoughts when you first tried it?  After having my daughter, I weighed about 230lbs by the time she was 6 months old. I did not recognize myself, and was slightly depressed. Having been active my entire life, I didn't know how to lose weight and didn't want to do boot camp style workouts. Zumba®  gave me a place to dance and be happy while working out, and helped me lose 60 lbs in 15 months!

Were you a dancer before you started Zumba® ?  I was a cheerleader and floor gymnast my entire childhood. My favorite part of cheer routines was always the dance. I coveted the front spot so that I could put on a show! And I'm told that I still make cheerleader faces ;-)

How long were you a student before you decided to get trained to teach?  What prompted that decision?  Was the transition from student to teacher difficult?  I did Zumba®  for about 2 years prior to becoming an instructor. After I had lost 60 lbs, I wanted to do my part in helping others work toward their health and fitness goals, while still pursuing mine! The transition wasn't too difficult because of my cheer background, I feel like I was built for this!

What's your favorite part about being a Zumba®  Instructor?  My favorite part is seeing people step outside of their comfort zone and just lose themselves in the music. It is so refreshing because we are all beautiful just the way we are, and you can tell when people feel that and own it <3 And then they take that feeling into their day to day lives and spread that feeling to others, creating a positive ripple effect in the world! Truly humbling.

What would you tell someone who has never tried Zumba®  and isn't sure what to expect?  I tell everyone just to keep moving and have fun. It's not about perfection, it's about movement and feeling. If you love music and you love to dance, then you will love Zumba® !

Do you have a favorite rhythm or dance genre to teach?  Hmmmmm, I'd have to say merengue! I love the upbeat tempo and fun moves, really gets you sweating! I have to say though, I love different things about all rhythms =)

What is your day job? When I'm not dropping it like it's hot, I am a Financial Analyst at Arlington Public Schools.

Current favorite TV show(s)? Game of Thrones (July 16th y'all!!!!), Supernatural, Sleepy Hollow, Power

Aside from Zumba®  what do you do to stay active? I also teach indoor cycle classes and sensual fitness classes (pole dance and floorwork). I enjoy taking yoga classes as well.

Do you have any hobbies? I enjoy sewing (studied Textiles & Apparel in undergrad), and listening to tons of music for various playlists (sometimes for others as a somewhat DJ).

What's one thing you want to try but haven't had the chance to yet? I really want to start training in a martial art format. On my to do list!



We can't wait to officially welcome Blair this summer - come welcome her to the Saffron family this coming Wednesday!