You can come to belly dancing with no prior dance and learn a fun and enjoyable dance. -Grace

Be Wayward.

  • by Saphira
  • Nov 13, 2014
So most Saffronitas know that we have a slight adoration for camels around the studio and an informal mascot named Wayward.  And like other aspects of the Saffron culture, Wayward's name is most certainly not an accident.  
The first definition in Webster's of "wayward" is "following one's own capricious, wanton, or depraved inclinations."  And though upon first glance, this is not the most complimentary of definitions,  further uses of the term explain that it describes "behaving, doing or acting opposite to what is [sic] . . . expected."  I know, I know, most of you reading this have already concluded that being wayward has some sort of negative connotation, but that is not how I see it.  For me, being wayward means knowing that there may be a herd mentality, but you can walk, dance or in my case "shimmy" in your own direction.  

Name |  Holly aka Supernova Fabulosity In Extremis 
Occupation |  Canine Behaviorist/Construction Project Manager aka Cat Herder
Time at Saffron | 10 Months

Why bellydance? Because it allows me to be Who I Am Without Reproach and so little in life allows us that. 

Saffron Goes Tribal!

  • by Saphira
  • Oct 24, 2014

Beginning January 2015, we are proud to officially announce that Wild Saffron, a newly-launched Tribal Fusion dance company that debuted at this year's Tribal Fest, will land at Saffron Dance as our resident professional level Tribal Fusion company.  Wild Saffron will be directed by Bellydance Superstars Artistic Director, Moria Chapell, also adjunct faculty at Saffron and lead for the studio's growing Tribal Fusion program.

The Virtues of Collaboration

  • by Saphira
  • Oct 21, 2014

Growing a studio community is starkly similar to raising a child.  And because my own son's age is that of the studio, I often think of the studio's development stages as parallel to that of my almost eight-year-old son.  As other moms can surely attest, many of the attributes that a child demonstrates at even the youngest ages frequently become more pronounced as that child develops.  As the studio is also beginning its 8th year, I am seeing the growing presence of a particularly touching attribute within the community - that of collaboration.  

Name |  Kara
Occupation |  Accountant
Time at Saffron | Five years

Why bellydance?  It started as a fun way to help strengthen my core and exercise.

How did you find Saffron Dance, and what keeps you coming back?  I found Saffron on the internet.  I love the dance, the exercise and the friendships I’ve made over the years.

Names | Judy & Jackee
Occupations | Legal secretary (Judy) & legal assistant (Jackee)
Time at Saffron | 8 years

Why belly dance? 
Judy: I started belly dancing because I love to dance and wanted to try something new, because I loved the music and the varied rhythms.  Of course a big plus was you don't need a partner (and I have always had a soft spot for glitter and bright colors).

Name | Jade
Occupation | Environmental Scientist
Time at Saffron | Three years
Why bellydance? | If you had told me I'd be on stage bellydancing a few years ago, I probably would have laughed at you.  Before coming to Saffron, I'd never taken a dance class in my life, but I've found I really love this dance and now can't imagine my life without it.  Bellydance has taught me a lot about myself; it's been a physical, emotional, and mental journey and one of the most rewarding things I've ever done.  Learning that the most well-executed and effortless-looking movements necessitate real strength, control, and hours of practice has been a humbling and rewarding experience.  I know there will always be something new to learn or with which to challenge myself.  Most of all, it's gone a long way in teaching me how to practice better self kindness and forgiveness.  

"Saffron: A (Belly) Dance with Destiny"

  • by Saphira
  • Jul 21, 2014

This week we are pleased to share an article about Saffron that was recently posted on, a social shopping network that functions via a downloadable app.  Check it out!

Saffron: A (Belly) Dance with Destiny

"From the moment you walk through the door, everything about Saffron Dance speaks to the ideas and passion of the extraordinarily talented dancer and entrepreneur Saphira. Saphira’s story began when, while in law school, she discovered a passion for belly dance that has since transformed into a career directing her much-loved studio and academy for classical and contemporary belly dance.  It’s not all about dance at Saffron though; the studio has become a space for women to find a whole new appreciation of and way of thinking about their bodies.  Like the art form she loves, Saphira’s story fascinates, hypnotizes, and may just make you want to get up and shimmy!

Name | Christine 
Occupation |  Patient Care Coordinator @ NIH

Why belly dance?  It’s allows me to be in tune with my body physically while getting some well needed exercise and mentally relaxing my mind.

I was thrilled with the turnout for our first ever Commit to Grow Assessments this weekend.  Faculty & staff had invested hours of thoughtfulness in how to ensure that dancers would receive the most comprehensive and custom feedback, and I was so excited to present this material to the group.  Like anything that one tries for the first time, some things worked out as expected and some things were a surprise. 

There are two questions that we like to periodically ask our students.  For brand new dancers, we ask,  "Why belly dance and why now?" - that itself could yield several blog entries.  But we also ask returning dancers, "What is the most surprising aspect of your dance experience and how has it revealed itself since coming to Saffron?"   

One of the loveliest answers to this question came from a newer dancer now in the studio for a little over 5 months.  She saw me whizzing through one of the studios and as I stopped for a quick hello she revealed something SO powerful to me about her experience at Saffron.   

Welcome Jenna Shear!

  • by Saphira
  • Jun 17, 2014

The founding mission of Saffron Dance, was to create a space to nurture growth... whether that is for students, faculty & staff, or for the studio itself.  And this summer, Saffron Dance proudly announces another rung on its growth trajectory, the addition of an amazing new faculty member, Jenna Shear.  Jenna has been an honorary long-distance Saffronita for over a year, having taught and performed at Saffron events since February of 2013.  She brings with her a passion for teaching, a generous spirit, and a wealth of dance xpertise ranging from belly dance to Balkan dance to ballet.  Please put your hands together and give Jenna a warm Saffron welcome!

We know you all are on the edge of your seats awaiting photos from this weekend's "Casbah" show.  We don't have them all ready for you quite yet, so until then enjoy these sneak peeks!  

Photos by Brinley Jones.

We Love Hips!

  • by Saphira
  • Jun 10, 2014

Following the magnificent and magic that resulted from our theatre production, casbah! I have three little words to share....

We love hips!

Name | Ashley
Occupation | IT Program Manager for areas within military health

Why bellydance?  Bellydance challenges me in ways I never understood before.  Each class I learn something new about trying to connecting mind and body, and when I'm struggling with a movement, the instructors support correction and I don't get discouraged.  I am able to laugh at myself, which is important.  One of my favorite parts is watching other dancers and seeing movements that look completely effortless, yet having complete appreciation for how hard that move really is to accomplish.  One day I hope to reach that level! I'm fascinated at the talent in the studio, which drives me to continuously want to perfect and learn more.