Thank you to all the instructors for changing my life in so many amazing ways. -Jade


With six distinct levels across numerous belly dance styles and a curriculum of over 260 different movements, technique classes constitute the heart of Saffron's training program.

Technique classes begin with a comprehensive dance warm up design to prepare the body for dance and to develop the alignment and posture essential for proper technique.  Following the warm up, dancers review movement from prior weeks to refresh muscle memory and develop endurance and connectivity between various movements.  This section emphasizes cardiovascular work and may introduce variations or layers based on familiar vocabulary.  Next, students are presented with new movements that are broken down, drilled, and then combined with existing technique to create more complex patterns.  Classes include a section dedicated to working across the floor in order to develop traveling movements, turns, flow and breath.

For detailed descriptions of each technique level (ie, Sharqi 1-5, Tribal Fusion 1-3, etc) , see the class descriptions included within the Class Schedule.


Performance Classes & Student Company

Performance Classes & Student Company classes are a way for students to focus on learning, memorizing, refining, and performing a specific choreography.  These classes are offered in numerous technique styles, and students perform the pieces they learn at Saffron's end-of-session shows.  Each week, students work closely with faculty choreographers to create one well-rounded performance piece, with careful attention given to stage formations, facial expressions, costumes, stylization, and technique.    

Each session there are several Performance Classes that are open to all students who meet the technique prerequisite.  The remainder of the classes with performance opportunities are Student Company classes, meaning they are open only to that year's Company members.  Learn more about the Student Company program here.

Students in performance classes must be concurrently enrolled in a Saffron Dance technique class at their level or below.  Students are also required to purchase a costume ($150.00-$225.00) that will be selected by the choreographer or Artistic Director. 



Designed for students coming to belly dance to the first time with minimal to no belly dance or general dance experience, Saffron's introductory-level instruction is available in two formats: any full-session Sharqi 1: The Saffron Experience Technique class, or our signature "Crash Course" 4 week mini-session.  Both classes provide an overview of the intro-level curriculum in a straight-forward & easy-to-follow class format while creating a safe and inviting space for students to explore new movement.  

Sharqi 1 is based on the general Saffron technique format and lasts an entire 10 to 12 week session.  Alternatively, the Crash Courses allow students to explore belly dance in 4-week mini-sessions, and are the perfect way to explore the dance without committing to a full session.  Check out the New to Belly Dance page for more information on upcoming intro-level classes.

Saffron also offers $10 monthly "From Start to Shimmy" workshops - one time classes designed to give students a taste of belly dance - no strings attached.  See the next upcoming Start to Shimmy under the Intro section of Workshops.



Saffron Dance specialty classes are offered through the year to highlight and focus on important elements in the dance journey.  The format for specialty classes includes a comprehensive warm up and a general movement review.    The next section of the classes is intended to deepen a dancers skill and contextual understanding of specialty topics such as Improvisation, Music & Rhythms, Traveling & Turns, Breath & Flow, and Props (cane, veil, finger cymbals, fan veil, double veil, wings, shamadan and sword).  Beyond practicing the technical skill of a specific specialty topic, classes incorporate how the specialty topic translates into their overall movement and technique.  



SaffronFit is Saffron's resident dance fitness program.  Enjoy a range of offerings from Bollywood, Belly Dance, Zumba, and yoga influenced workouts, designed to provide low-impact, high-results cardio and strength-training.  Learn more about SaffronFit here.