There is something very relaxing about meeting up with friends after a long day to dance your hearts out... -Stacey

As I reflect back on this Mother's Day, I wanted to share some thoughts on a pretty important mom to Saffron.... my own.   Many of you may have met my mom at shows or seen her at studio events, but I have yet to share her true influence on our community.  The first thing you should know is that my mom is the most generous creature I have ever met.  If she meets someone in need, she steps up. Whether she has enough emotional bandwidth or time is not relevant.  If she crosses someone in need, she doesn't turn away. 


My mom is safe - you can tell the woman anything and, believe me, she has heard it all and then some.  She doesn't judge and she is not afraid to share in the complexities of others.  The fact that Saffron Dance has become a space where women can truly express who they are no matter where they are in their lives reflects how my mom modeled an unconditional understanding of the people in her life as I was growing up.  My mom doesn't impose who she thinks someone should be - she just accepts who you are.   The Saffron community embraces the very same diversity in our students, faculty and staff and recognizes that every dancer's experience is her own to make what she will of her unique journey.    

But perhaps the most important attribute that my mom has had on Saffron is her belief in the resilience of women.  There are no victims and no pity parties in her world. Over the past 20 years,  my mom has been connected to dozens of young women who have been afflicted by abuse, neglect and violence and she has watched them blossom into amazing mothers, wives and professionals.   I have never asked her about it, but I suspect she would say that the key/secret for us all is to decide who we want to become and then walk towards that place - that we are all responsible for our happiness and for appreciating the goodness in our own lives.    And if at the end of the day, if I am fortunate enough to be considered to have developed any one of these qualities, I would be completely honored and satisfied.  Happy Mother's Day Lynda - the original Saffronita!