There is something very relaxing about meeting up with friends after a long day to dance your hearts out... -Stacey

I was thrilled with the turnout for our first ever Commit to Grow Assessments this weekend.  Faculty & staff had invested hours of thoughtfulness in how to ensure that dancers would receive the most comprehensive and custom feedback, and I was so excited to present this material to the group.  Like anything that one tries for the first time, some things worked out as expected and some things were a surprise. 

It was a not-entirely-unanticipated surprise that we could have easily used double the time and literally been dancing all day!  But what wasn't a surprise was that our first group of C2G dancers came ready to focus, train, dance and grow.  So here's to a sore but satisfied Monday and some amazing Saffronitas.  Congratulations on putting yourselves out there and for taking ownership of your growth.  As usual, we learn as much from you as we hope you learn from us. 

Special thanks to Dona, Linda, and Elena Faye for leading classes, to Victoria and Elena for assessing, and to Elena for content and material preparation.

From my heart to your hips,