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#Resolve2 LoveYourself

  • by Saphira
  • Feb 10, 2015
As we get to know each of you one-by-one -- whether you are at the studio for the first time or have been with us since the beginning -- we aspire for our work and our interactions to leave you feeling more connected with yourself.  Our hope and goal is that your time at Saffron translates into an ever deepening relationship with and understanding of yourself.   
Among Saffron's faculty and staff, we know firsthand that one's relationship to oneself can be filled with ups and downs. We aren't immune to the inner struggles that our friends, colleagues, and students experience.  We also know that these struggles are an important and valuable part of life's journey, and are things to embrace.  
So though this month may be focused on telling others that we love them -- at Saffron, we use this month to remind us to love ourselves. As such, we ask our community to consider taking the following pledge to make self love a priority for the Month of February.  Share it on your social media feeds using #Resolve2LoveYourself so we can stay connected and offer each other support as we embark on what may be our most difficult, but undoubtably our most rewarding, relationship to date.

I, ______________, pledge to love myself Body, Mind, and Soul. 
I pledge to be compassionate toward my body. I will recognize all the incredible things it does without my asking. I breathe, I smile, I laugh, I blush, and I sneeze and burp! I vow to love my smooth parts, my bumpy parts, my straight parts, my curvy parts, my squishy parts, and my bony parts. I love that my body is different from everyone else's -- both on the inside and the outside. I love that no one can know my body better than me. I accept that my body will go through changes and that my body will bear the marks of those changes. I will never blame my body for what happens to me. I will never put off doing the things I love, because I'd like to do them in a different body. I will hold others accountable for respecting my body.
I pledge to move! I will find ways to experience and exercise my body that are challenging, invigorating, and enjoyable. I will develop competency with my body. I will focus on my body's ability and skill rather than its appearance. I will forgive my body when it makes mistakes as it learns new things. I will enjoy our missteps together and admire my body's resilience. I acknowledge that my body is both my vessel and my coach. I will let my body teach me what it means to be strong, soft, flexible, and firm. 
I pledge to nourish my body with wholesome foods that make me feel fresh, energized, and full. I will make the act of nourishing my body a conscious and enjoyable experience. I will savor every bite. I will let my body tell me when it's had enough and when it needs more. I will drink when I'm thirsty. I will be flexible in my meal choices, treat myself when appropriate, and have confidence in my decisions. 
I pledge to support my sisters and brothers by speaking positively and refraining from gossip. I will defend others as I wish to be defended. I will use comparison as a tool for self improvement. I will look for what inspires me in others and apply those ideals to myself. Seeing goodness will not make me afraid, because I acknowledge that I am capable of achieving that which I admire in others.  
I pledge to pause. I will make time to myself to ask if I'm happy, if there is something that I need, and if what I have and what I do really brings me joy. I pledge to have confidence in my intuition and to take action when something is not right. I will voice my concerns, and I make certain that I am heard. 
I pledge to rest. I acknowledge that sometimes it's okay for the world to go on without me. I vow to seek out quiet moments and refresh myself with sights and sounds that inspire. I will remember to feel the sun on my skin, the rain on my face, and the wind against my cheek. I will look up at the sky and remember that I am a part of something much larger than myself -- a fact that helps me step away from the daily grind or helps me step back into the flow.  
I love you Body. Thank you for carrying me through this life and being my constant companion on this journey. 
I love you Mind. Thank you for making the decisions that propel me forward and for helping me cope when life takes an unexpected turn. 
I love you Soul. Thank you for guiding me with your intuition and showing me that love is real, unconditional, and pure. 
I love myself Body, Mind, and Soul. #Resolve2LoveYourself