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Returning to Your Roots

  • by Saphira
  • Feb 07, 2014

I can’t begin to express how excited I am to return to the Kennedy Center for this evening's Alvin Ailey performance.  The Alvin Ailey Dance Company has been an inspiration to me personally and an influence on me artistically since I first saw them when I began my own modern dance journey at the age of 13. That’s right Saffronitas, I actually had a dance life before belly dance!  So much of why I fell in love the genre of work that Alvin Ailey reflects has also been evident in my journey for belly dance as an art form.

As in belly dance, through modern dance, dancers can discover their better selves. And during my personal entry into modern dance at  such an early age, I found my first refuge into a healthier body awareness and acceptance from the stricter more judgmental world of jazz and ballet.

Additionally, concepts I first learned in modern dance have become central to my ongoing journey as a teacher and an artist. So tonight I feel like I will be returning to my roots. And I suspect I will experience it with a heart full of warmth for my own dance memories and tears of joy for my current dance utopia. I am sure I will have more to share after this stay tuned.