Saffron Dance is the best part of my week, my month, my year! -Judy

Saffronita Day

  • by Saphira
  • May 20, 2014

There are so many wonderful things I could say about what this weekend's Saffronita Day revealed about our community, but I think it would be better heard directly from some of our own Saffronitas...  

“I love Saffron because it is not only a place of tremendous talent and artistic collaboration – it is a true community with women from all spheres of life, age, experience and profession who have a common love of dance and culture.  It is a tremendously positive force for me personally, and every woman I dance with appreciates the opportunity we have to dance, learn, enjoy making friends and having the best hours of our week here at the studio together.”

 “Saffron is a place of acceptance, bringing together sprits from all walks of life.”

“Bellydance is part of my being now – I live it, breathe it, and dream it because it makes me feel good!  And I’m so proud that I discovered Saffron and became a Saffronita!” 

“Thank you Saffron for introducing me to the art of belly dance!  It is exhilarating getting comfortable moving my body in ways I didn’t know existed!  Belly dance provides the perfect mix of artistic expression and attention to detail that I crave!” 

“Saffron is more than a dance studio.  It is a 2nd home, a stress sanctuary and a weekly party.” 

“Saffron dance has been part of my healing process having recently been diagnosed and treated for breast cancer.  It has been so comforting and uplifting to be part of this supportive female community.  Saffron dance has reminded me to follow my passion and has brought joy, pure joy into my life!”

“Saffron is my home, just not the place I sleep.”