You can come to belly dancing with no prior dance and learn a fun and enjoyable dance. -Grace

Perhaps one of the most rewarding aspects of my role at Saffron is having the honor of working with our amazing teachers. And while we continue to attract and grow new talent, we occasionally have to bid farewell to members of our faculty.  Today I would like to take the opprtunity to say goodbye to Adriane and Tesia, two wonderful Saffron teachers who are transitioning to new opportunities and opening new chapters in their lives.  But before they go I thought it only right to honor them as our Saffronitas of the Month and to share with you why and how they inspire us.

Adriane has been a life-long dance teacher and is authentically committed to the artistic development and growth of her students. Irrespective of where one of her dancers may be on her dance journey, Adriane meets that student where she is and infuses in her a strong foundation of dance fundamentals.  With the utmost professionalism, Adriane gives her students the gift of being able to express themselves both competently and confidently.  Tesia has a heartfelt belief that all women deserve and benefit from the exploration of this dance form.  It is through this authenticity that she shares her joy and unfettered support towards women as they navigate what can feel like an unsteady and vulnerable experience. She models grace, positivity and intentional presence in her both her dance and her role as a teacher.  These two women reflect the values of Saffron Dance and will forever be Saffronitas in our hearts and in our lineage.


From my heart to your Hips,