Saffron is my guilty pleasure, escape from the craziness of life and my sanctuary. -Sarah

Designed by Saphira after teaching over a thousand beginner through professional students for over 15 years, Saffron Sharqi presents Egyptian Classical and Folk inspired Raqs Sharqi ("belly dance").

The teaching approach includes how to break down and explain each movement in a clear and accessible way. Each week students will build skill and knowledge to create movement from specific muscles, learn how that movement corresponds to oriental music and rhythms, and experience hands-on corrections to challenge and accelerate their progress.

Because the Saffron Dance approach to teaching belly dance reflects that each student has different movement experience, technique and combinations classes are presented to challenge each student irrespective of a person's dance and movement background.

Beyond teaching belly dance technique and dynamic musical interpretation, Saffron Sharqi also teaches students how to identify their unique voice and personal expression that is characteristic of this ancient and beautiful dance.