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Teacher Feature: Blythe

  • by Saphira
  • Nov 15, 2016
Blythe epitomizes where heart, generosity and talent intersect.  Her relationship with this dance is so genuine and unwavering that I find myself getting emotional just thinking about how crucial she is to the richness of our community.  Since the day I met her I've witnessed first-hand the joy that she exudes when she dances.  She has constant humility and commitment to learning, both as a faculty member and a life long student.  It's my pleasure to share a bit more about this wonderful woman, who is truly a staple of our Saffron community.

How did you first discover belly dance? What were your initial thoughts?
In 2000, after the birth of my second child.  A friend asked me to do a belly dance workout video with her and I loved it!
Why have you stuck with belly dance for so long? What keeps you coming back?
The music, the way the dance moves make me feel, the inspiration, and motivation I get from my teacher, peers and students.
How has teaching changed your relationship to the dance?
Becoming a teacher has strengthened my appreciation for Egyptian folkloric and instilled a discipline in the way I execute my movement.
When did you know you wanted to teach belly dance? Was the transition from student to teacher difficult?
When I would tell women about how much fun I was having dancing, some would ask me to teach them some steps.  That's when I started becoming a teacher.  It was an easy transition because I started in my own home teaching my friends.
Who are your biggest artistic inspirations? 
Faten, Zaira, Sama, and Aida Bogomolova.
Aside from belly dance, what do you do to stay active? 
Costuming (not exactly physically active, but keeps my brain and hands in shape!).
Embarrasing performances.  We all have 'em.  What's your most memorable performance faux pas?
When I had my first theatre show I made so many mistakes in tech rehearsal. I almost gave Faten a heart attack but the show turned out fine.
What's your day job? Do your coworkers know you teach and perform belly dance?
I make costumes and dancewear and also currently sew for a company that manufactures for the military. Pretty sure everyone I know knows I belly dance!

Aside from dance what other hobbies keep you busy?
My dogs and kids and friends keep me busy when I'm not working. I also paint and like to make things.  And I love cooking.
Just for fun: what TV shows are currently top of your list?
No TV shows, but I love movies. Top 3: Drop Dead Fred, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, any Woody Allen movie.
Any pets?  Tell us about them!
2 Dogs. Chewy (male) brindle Yorkie/Shi Tzu and Alabama (female) black and white poodle/Shi Tzu.
Lastly, tell us one fun fact about you that people may not know :-p
I'm obsessed with the French writer Colette. My house is filled with pictures and paintings of her :)