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Teacher Feature: Linda

  • by Saphira
  • Jan 29, 2016

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my job is working with some amazing dance artists. They are not just great teachers and performers, but they are also great human beings. And what better way to begin this new "Teacher Feature" blog series than to lead with our fearless, wonderful, dedicated, diligent, and tireless Studio Manager, Linda. I had a chance to sit down with Linda and ask her a few questions and thought I would share a few tidbits that I learned.

So Linda, before you began at Saffron Dance, whose world were you raq'n?
Linda: My grandmother's, actually. I used to manage the auto-body shop that she owns. I left the body shop about a year ago when I started working at Saffron full time. 

Saphira: An auto body shop? Wow that's very different from the world of belly dancing! Are there any similarities?
Linda: Yes there are plenty of similarities; the managing is mostly the same. I always jokingly say that I went from working with all men to all women, and there are definitely differences that come with the clientele. Besides that, most of what I did at the shop is applicable here.

Saphira: So it's no secret that you're well-loved at Saffron, but is there any deep secret - that you're willing to share of course - that would make us adore you even more?

Linda: Ever since I was a child, I have always loved monkeys. So even though I'm in my 30s now, I still have more stuffed monkeys than any child I know.
Saphira: And tell us about Mr. Linda.
Linda: My maiden name is Strike and people, mostly my Saffron friends, like to call him Mike Strike. He met me at the very beginning of my belly dance life, and he fully supports it. He's muuuuch more patient than I am, which is how he puts up with my sporadic work hours. Even though he does sometime ask for a pass, 99 percent of the time Mike is in the audience when I'm preforming. In addition to being patient, he is a pretty smart guy. He received his PhD in December!

Saphira: It's no secret that you have developed in your dance quite quickly since starting, and are continuing to grow and push your limits. Could you share with us any challenges you've experienced or continue to work on through your dance journey?
Linda: The thing I feel I struggle with the most is my wrists. Generally, when I look at videos of myself performing, my wrists are what I notice needing the most work. Earlier on, it was easy to change my bad habits, but now that I'm becoming more set in my ways, its becoming harder to shake them. 

Saphira: This next question is just for fun - what non-belly dance song or songs do you like to drop and shimmy to?
Linda: Anything upbeat by Justin Timberlake or Beyonce!

Saphira: And because this is a Saffronita community, what is your cat's name and do you have a picture?
Linda: I have two cats. The boy is named Poopy. I made the mistake of letting my husband name him in the hopes that they would bond. My girl cat is named Lela, which is short for Khalila, which means Princess in Arabic.
Thank you for sharing with us Linda!