The art of belly dance & the community of amazing women have helped me grow and be inspired every day. -Nunah

Saffron Dance’s Teacher Training Certification [SDTTC] is a 65 hour comprehensive training program designed for belly dance artists seeking to expand their capacity from performance artists into the field of teaching belly dance as a dance form.  SDTTC recognizes that while achieving a significant technique level in one's artistry may prepare an artist to perform credibly, it does not necessarily prepare an artist to become an effective teacher.  Belly dance students at all levels are able to distinguish between outstanding dancers and outstanding dancers who are also effective teachers.  As learning to teach is a comprehensive skill that requires several years of development, SDTTC presents one of the most thoughtful combination of materials and teaching techniques currently available to belly dance artists.   



SDTTC’s 65 hour program is broken down as follows:

5 hours - Initiation/Introduction

36 hours - Lecture

12 hours - Apprenticeship and Classroom Observation with a current Saffron faculty member

7 hours - Independent Study

5 hours - Final Assessment

Successful completion of SDTTC requires fulfilling a practicum under an approved SDTTC teacher, submission of approved independent study project in special topic selected by student and approved by SDTTC and demonstration of competency following written, verbal and practical examination conducted by SDTTC staff.  

The program including participation in lecture, feedback, final assessment and interactive development on the following topics:

  • Presentation of extensive belly dance history from the Middle East into Western influences
  • Best practices related to developing one's classroom teaching style
  • Exercises for developing  verbal teaching style
  • Introduction to ActiveTeaching ActiveLearningTM teaching methodology designed for beginner dancers
  • Extensive pedagogy for presenting fundamentals of belly dance movement, as well as building blocks to develop a student’s capacity to grow into more advanced movement that encompasses Folkloric, Modern and Western influences
  • Training on how to present Middle Eastern rhythms, musicians, musical genres and musical compositions that comprise the primary influences to the dance genre
  • Movement vernacular offering logical naming convention for belly dance movement
  • Creating class organization at various levels, including the ideal components of a class
  • Detailed explanation of cultivating a classroom culture to support constructive feedback for students belly dance technique, confidence/voice, ability to access choreography, body awareness and corrections and musicality
  • Identification of specific muscle groups & basic anatomy necessary for teaching and explaining movement
  • Best practices for effective classroom management related to space, physical contact with dancers, and personality types
  • Specific training on the relationship between how general dance principles integrate with belly dance such as posture, port-de-bras, plié, working through feet, adductor/abductor, turn out, subscapular/latisimus dorsi


Additional Artistic Benefits of Completing SDTTC:

  • Deepened understanding of technique, movement vocabulary, muscle control, and dance context
  • Improved strength and aesthetic in dancer’s movement
  • Comprehensive appreciation of the art form & the impact that a new dancer experiences
  • Satisfaction of working with new dancers and developing a deep meaningful relationship with them in their dance journey