Belly dance rejuvenates my soul... I have such an inner peace and joy in my heart. -Kim

If you read Saffron's Mission & Values, you'll notice that "community" and "collaboration" are two of our five Core Values.  We aim to use these values as guidelines by which we make decisions, design our programming, and conceptualize our role as a studio.  This weekend we hosted "Wanderlust," a very special Salla show that perfectly reflected the values of community and collaboration and reminded me of why we make it a point to recognize the importance of these ideals.

"Wanderlust" brought together many members of our community, including our Saffronita volunteers, our in-residence companies the Nomad Dancers and Al-Massraweya Folkloric Troupe, our very special guest artists Troupe Eshveh and students of Belladona, and of course Jenna Shear, a very special member of our extended community.  Seeing these individuals and groups come together to help raise nearly $400 for a remarkable non-profit group, Tahirih Justice Center, reminded me of the power of our community and the importance of continuing to nurture artistic collaboration.

I'd like to offer a big thank you to all the Saffronitas and their significant others who pitched in to help make the evening run smoothly, from set up, to show management, to clean up.  And of course thank you to all the dancers who joined us for this show, especially our guest collaborators, Troupe Eshveh, Belladona's students, and Jenna Shear.  

We will be posting all the images from the evening on our Facebook page, but for now enjoy these sneak peak photos, courtesy of Brinley Jones.