Thank you to all the instructors for changing my life in so many amazing ways. -Jade

Welcome Bagoas!

  • by Saphira
  • Jan 09, 2015

One of my primary motivations for dedicating myself to belly dance is for the opportunity to help women feel better about themselves - both inside and outside the studio.  So it would be rather inauthentic to conceal that I was not sure how bringing on our first male faculty member at Saffron would feel given the unique environment that we are committed to cultivating.   It is true that we have had long & fruitful relationships with other male adjunct faculty who present workshops and perform from time to time - but to have a male faculty with us full time in this sea of femininity... how would he handle it and how would he be received?  That is when we met Bagoas.  

Talented, gentle, mature, positive, committed, connected, collaborative, he is all one could hope for in an instructor and team member.  We are overjoyed to welcome him as he works with Moria Chappell & Jenna Shear to build our budding Tribal Fusion program, and we can't wait to see how he grows and develops in this new role.  We are thrilled to officially have him - our first "Saffronito" - join our family!