You can come to belly dancing with no prior dance and learn a fun and enjoyable dance. -Grace

Lighting Design w/ Jason

For years Jason Brinke has been the brains behind the phenomenal lighting at Saffron Dance's Gonda shows. Join him for this unique opportunity to get an inside look at the artistry of dance lighting. Jason will discuss a variety of topics such as:
  • how lighting can support the mood of a piece
  • how to play up colors and compliment costumes
  • how different angles of light create different effects
  • the roles of different types of equipment, such as booms, cyclorama, etc
  • and more!

This workshop will be a loosely structured lecture with plenty of time for Q&A. Open to teachers and students alike.

Sat, 09/09/2017 - 1:30pm

$35 in advance | $45 day of

Saffron Dance - Clarendon
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