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Turkish Oryantal w/ Rhia


Connect to the roots and get the feel of the unique styling and rhythms of Turkish Oryantal/bellydance - its lively steps, spontaneity, hops, kicks, knee lifts, full body undulations & fluid arms. We will start off by exploring some of the cultural/historical context and family tree line of this dance and discuss the older style versus "nouveau" style of contemporary dancers. Following our lecture, we'll get moving and "follow the bouncing butt" Turkish style. If you're interested in studying with the big names in Turkish dance, this is a wonderful pre-requisite. An addition to your hip scarf, you may want to bring a pen and notebook. Open to all levels; some dance experience recommended.



About Rhia || Rhia is a local professional dancer and performs weekly at restaurants, lounges, and private events in the DC, MD, & Northern VA area. She has about 1,000 shows under her bedleh and almost a decade of study in Egyptian raqs sharqi, Turkish Oryantal, Turkish Romani, as well as other dances of the MENA region. The three teachers who have contributed most to her body of knowledge are Samira Shuruk, Artemis Mourat, and Yasmin Henkish. In addition to dancing and nerding out on dance history, Rhia teaches weekly yoga classes in the district, takes private Thai yoga therapy clients (some of them dancers!), and also nerds out on modern movement science in her free time. Having been blessed with strong, empowering, and highly respected teachers and mentors in both fields, she ventures to carry on the torch of historical/cultural context and professionalism.



Sat, 03/03/2018 - 1:30pm

$35 in advance | $45 day of

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