Saffron Dance is the best part of my week, my month, my year! -Judy
We are not currently offering any youth classes.  Please email to express interest in kids or teen classes.  Also please note that young women are welcome in our adult classes starting at age 13.
Interested in children's classes for a special event, school program, or for a group of friends? Contact us to inquire about our range of classes designed specifically for young girls ages 4-17.  Our specialty Kids/Teens Classes have included:
Habibis | 4-5 years  Integrating her unique Hips To Lips teaching methodology, children's Speech and Language Pathologist Habbibah has designed the perfect class format for your pre-school and kindergarten age dancers.  This class will focus on preparing our cutest Princess Jasmine Habibis for big girl dance classes.  Each class is filled with lots of variety from dress-up to stories that we bring to life through basic belly dance movement.  With Habbibah’s unique qualifications, our young ladies also develop verbal confidence and composure to prepare them for kindergarten and elementary school.  
Habibis | 6-8 years  No longer little girls, the Habibis 6-8 is designed for our blossoming young ladies.  In addition to learning belly dance movement vocabulary, our Habibi dancers (meaning "my darling" in Arabic) begin to explore using props and learn to play musical instruments, including the zills (finger cymbals), tambourine and tabla.  Through the expertise of their teacher, Habbibah, dancers will learn basic belly dance movement technique and footwork as well as developing the confidence and positive self appreciation to help them in school and in other areas of their lives.

Habibi & Me | 6-11 years  The only thing we love as much as supporting our moms at Saffron is the opportunity to have moms and daughters dancing together.  This class is specifically designed to present belly dance basics to both age groups in a relaxed & fun loving environment.  Dance duos will learn basic undulations, accents, shimmies and traveling steps, which are then integrated into accessible choreographies.

Hipsters | 9-14 years  For our budding young pre-teens and teens, Saffron Dance's Hipsters integrates fun and community building with the movement vocabulary and technique of Classical Middle Eastern Belly Dance.  Though designed in a traditional dance class format, the curriculum seamlessly incorporates elements of self-esteem, body love & acceptance, and confidence building, within the context of learning the fundamentals of this ancient dance form.

#HipsDon'tLie | 15-17 years  Get ready to get your Shakira on for this hip shaking, undulating, shimmy-filled dance class.  Designed for young ladies with little or no dance experience or dance experience from another dance genere.  


Recent School Partnerships:

World Dance @ The Key School
With the help of Wayward the Camel, children journey from Africa, to the Middle East, and onward to South Asia.  Storytelling, movement, and rhythm come together to introduce world music and cultures in an environment that engages the mind and sparks the imagination.  Facts become tangible realities as children dance through different ways of life and embody new aesthetics.  Classes utilize a mixture of free form and structured exercises to help children grow both creatively and analytically. 

10 Week Curriculum:
Week One: Africa - Tunisian Pot Dancing
Week Two: Middle East - Egyptian Saidi
Weeks Three-Five: Middle East - Egyptian Raqs Sharqi
Week Six: Middle East - Lebanese Dabke
Week Seven: Persian Gulf - Saudi Arabian Khaliji
Week Eight: Central Asia - Persian Classical Dance
Week Nine: South Asia - Pakistani Kathak
Week Ten: South Asia - Punjabi Bhangra 

"Habibis" Middle Eastern Dance @ Longbranch Elementary School
Saffron Dance is excited to introduce Middle Eastern Belly Dance to elementary school girls grades 2-5. Middle Eastern Dance introduces budding dancers to basic techniques of belly dance as an art form and an alternative source of activity and exercise. Through a structured yet fun environment, dancers learn to build confidence in who they are while developing movement coordination and body awareness. Beginning an acceptance and love for their bodies at this early age builds a self-appreciation that prepares these young girls and budding tweens for a healthier self-image and acceptance as they continue to grow and prepare to move into middle school. Dancers are nurtured by our faculty of accomplished young women and encouraged to love themselves just as they are.